what kind of guys\girls do you attract?

Relationship problem? Or just plain looking for the perfect one? Either way, your gonna love this quiz!

published on February 23, 2014147 responses 8 4.0★ / 5

Answer honestly . what kind of guys\gals do you go for?

Someone who'll look after me. And won't cheat. A loyal companion.
Someone I can talk and ya know... Do stuff with ;) private adult stuff
Some one my friends will like. Someone I can be proud of!
Some one to look after, hold, love , cherish. Not a fling.

Your personality?

Cocky, clever. Quite confident and smart :)
Kind, confident, maybe a bit selfish at times.
I like to be generous and I will stay loyal.
Selfish at times but I'm not a fling sorta person. I'm kind.


The arts. Dancing, singing acting, painting.
Sporty type person! Gym, outdoors excetera...
Clubbing, internetting, chavvy but classy
Anything really. Like a few stuff but not really lazy if you get what I mean! :)

Press which one you have. If you have two of the ones shown, click the one your on most :D

Instagram , Flicker , ones like that.
Face book or twitter , blogging type stuff
The hvm, stardoll, movie star planet type games.
GTA, Xbox, PlayStation.

Your quite ...


Final question. Which do you think you are?

Probably the ditchy, fling type
Needy, loyal type.
Generous. Haha. But I'll make a loyal companion.
Up for anything type!!