What do I think of you? (1)

What do I think of you? (1)

Hey, so on this quiz, you will have the results of what I think of you.

published on February 23, 201468 responses 12 5.0★ / 5

Which one do you like out of these?

Anything creative!
Joke book!
Blankets to keep me warm

What are you usually up to in your spare time?

Making my friends laugh
Just chillin'
Seeing if there's problems that I can solve
Painting and doing talent-y stuff
Styling my looks and just have a fun time with family

What is your fav school subject?

Every single one! I'm up to lots of school challenges!
Drama! We get to dress and act!
Maths, it's fun and awesome!!
I don't mind but, I do like abit of quiet calm reading.
Sports! I love energetic things!

What are you like with your parents?

I sometimes disobey but, I love them with all my heart.
I make them smile their way through hard work
They compliment me with my beauty and I thank them with kindness.
I like to impress them.
Help them with hard jobs.

What kind of movies/TV shows do you prefer?