What do I think of you? (1)

What do I think of you? (1)

Hey, so on this quiz, you will have the results of what I think of you.

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What is your fav school subject?

Every single one! I'm up to lots of school challenges!
Drama! We get to dress and act!
Maths, it's fun and awesome!!
I don't mind but, I do like abit of quiet calm reading.
Sports! I love energetic things!

Which one do you like out of these?

Anything creative!
Joke book!
Blankets to keep me warm

What are you like with your parents?

I sometimes disobey but, I love them with all my heart.
I make them smile their way through hard work
They compliment me with my beauty and I thank them with kindness.
I like to impress them.
Help them with hard jobs.

What kind of movies/TV shows do you prefer?


What are you usually up to in your spare time?

Making my friends laugh
Just chillin'
Seeing if there's problems that I can solve
Painting and doing talent-y stuff
Styling my looks and just have a fun time with family