What Valentines Type Are You?

What Valentines Type Are You?

What type of love are you? Take this quiz to find out! Sorry probably uploaded this late...

published on February 23, 201441 responses 10
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Love at first sight! Reaction? (Choose the closest)

UH, I could beat that up, I don't even like it anyway!
It would be responsible to think about it
Um, uh, er...
Oooh! I should have a look!
I... Sniff* Need to focus on another incident...

What color is your love heart?

A fiery burning red!
A normal beautiful red!
A pale dull red!
A hot pinkish red! (Well pink!)
A fading red!

Choose your distance for an archery target!

So close but at sharp angle
Perfectly medium and in balance
Far away... But I guess I'll go closer if I need to
Huh! Nowhere too far
A breaking distance... I don't know... Oh I hope I trip!

What is your class? (Your best one)


Roses are red, Violets are blue... (Choose your favorite)

I'll beat the spirits out of you!
Everything is meant to be true
Distance does not matter to me and you
Heh, here is my greatest debut
Oh so fateful days, can they not undo?

You see a dead tree... Your reaction? (Your closest)

It gave up! If only it fought on...
It was destiny, but there is always more love in the world elsewhere
Oh my! It must be a message for me to come out my shell
Love is easy to come by, so there shan't be fear
It was truth... It was fate... It cannot be fixed...

Last one! Keep your heart to your heart! (Well that's it for the smarty words)

Um.. I'll try!
Of course!
Oh I can do so but it will falter...