how popular are you? (1)

This is the quiz everyone's talking about- are you as cool or uncool as you think?

published on February 22, 201470 responses 0
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Someones flirting with your guy\girl , you ;

Shove em off. No one crosses you.
Join in the Convo, what's this about?
Sit there watching, who givesvone anyway...

Your enemy is giving you dirty looks, you ;

Get up, walk over, give them a piece of your mind.
Stare back. May kill em anyway.
Ignore. They're jealous

Someone spills juice all over you! , you;

Look in the eye, run away to the toilets crying.
Scream with shock, get cleaned up and laugh it off
Squeeze their juice all over them , an eye for an eye right?!

How would you describe yourself in class.

Probably the quietest!
Loudest, should probably shut up at times ! Ha
Bit a both! Depends!!

What do you think people think of you?

Cool, fit. Everyone likes me but a few. Loud & proud , player.
They don't know me! Who do they think they are!!!??
Alright...confident but not in your face. Maybe a bit quiet... But loud too!

Home clothes day. You;

Go shopping a week before! Organised always!
Wear the best designer clothes, look amaze and fit as!!!
Leave it til the night before. Who gives one!

Do you have any of these? Or been on these?

FB,instagram , twitter, flicker, blogging , snapchat, oovoo, kik excetera...
Movie star planet , stardoll , club penguin or moshi monster type games...

Final Question. Who do you think you are!!!??

Un popular and big headed
Not popular