A Guide to the Classics

A Guide to the Classics

Interested in reading the classics and don't know where to start? Funnily enough, the classics aren't all stuffy, boring books people read to impress others. Take this quiz to find out which classic novel you should read first!

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What genre do you read most often?

Historical Fiction
Social Commentaries

How long do you like books to be?

Very short
Somewhat short
Normal length
As long as possible!

What kind of characters do you like to read about?

Young children
People with disablilities
Characters who aren't human (elves, vampires, etc.)

True or false: You enjoy historical books


How funny do you like your books to be?

Very funny
Somewhat funny
Funny in a satirical sort of way
Pretty serious

You like endings that...

Surprise you
Make you cry
Resolve everything
Leave some things to the imagination

Do you like books in a series?

Yes, I like long series
I like short series
I prefer stand alones

What kind of setting do you prefer?

The Deep South in the civil rights era
The Mississippi River during the time of slavery
A fantasy realm
A ranch during the Great Depression
A farm full of animals

The reason you are taking this test is...

I need something new to read! I've been through everything modern!
I want a book that deals with more serious topics than modern ones
My mom wants me to read the classics...
Idk it sounded fun