What Sonic Character Are You Like?

What Sonic Character Are You Like?

Answer the questions and see what sonic character you are most like! Check it out! Doesn't hurt to try it out!

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Halloween is coming up in two days! What would you be for Halloween?

Flash (from the justice league)
a vampire
a witch/warlock

Friday night and there is so much do too! You have been invited to almost everything that is happening around town. What do you want to do tonight?

watch movies with friends
take a run around the park
go out drinking and partying
pull pranks around town
stay at home and jam out to music

A little girl has twisted her ankle and can not get up! What do you do?

carry her until you find her parents
look for help
leave her there
carry her to a hospital
keep her laughing till someone comes around

There is someone who has a crush on you, but you do not like them back. How do you tell them you are not interested?

be mean and say, "Look I do not want your nasty self."
run away from them until they EVENTUALLY stop or not
ignore them
Let them down easy but tell them there are better people out there
make a funny joke how the should not be together and then run away

You are out walking through the town enjoying the scenery when out of no where, Eggman starts shooting everything with his lasers!! "poo poo" "bang bang" (laser noises I guess) How will you stop him?

get someone more powerful to handle it
run around and annoying the crap out of him bouncing on everything
use physic powers to throw things at him
watch him burn everything to the ground
use chaos blast and turn him into a boiled egg

So you need a new outfit to wear!! What color would you pick?

blue..blue..blue...maybe light blue...
dark colors
white or light blue
light colors
red or black or why not both

You are at the mall by yourself! You have $78 to spend! Where would be the first place you go?

hot topic
food court
anywhere to buy clothes

A person you really REALLY do not like is in trouble. How would you handle the situation?

help them even though you are gonna hate your self later
make jokes about it first then maybe help :p
watch them suffer
watch them get hurt then go help
watch for a few minutes, then record it, then go find help

It is Valentine's Day!! What will you do for your Valentine?

nothing. it is just another day
get them a cheesy card
buy them flowers chocolate a teddy bear...etc
buy them flowers and be nice and do what every they wanted
totally forget and make it the best day ever

Your teacher has took your phone away from you and is making you pay for it! How would you respond?

"think about the bright side. get it back the next day"
''whatever it is just a phone"
"pst I'm still chilling"
"hey now I gotta call my drug dealer tonight!"
"Give me my dang phone back"