What does your idea of beauty say about you?

What does your idea of beauty say about you?

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published on March 05, 201410 responses 1 2.5★ / 5

What do you look for in a friend or partner?

Beauty is only skin deep - I look for chemistry
They've got to share my love of music
I'm looking for someone to enjoy the great outdoors with me, someone who understands the beauty of
living things
Someone interesting enough to be around for all eternity.
Someone with an eye for detail and a drive to help people

Where would you rather be, right now?

In my beautiful bedroom, snuggled up with the curtains closed
Outside! With the beauty of nature, free as a bird
Anywhere, as long as I'm listening to beautiful music
Cooking my favourite food in a beautiful kitchen
Doing a puzzle or reading a book. You know, enjoying the beautiful little things in life.

What's your idea of a great day out?

Skiing, hiking, swimming - anything out in the fresh air
A day in a museum, full of art and science and new ways to view the world
A massive street party with food from all over the world and loads of new people to meet!
A festival, with dozens of live music acts through the day, wellies and food served from a truck
My idea of a great day does not involve leaving the house. In the house there is Netflix and tea. Outside
is noise and sunlight.

Favourite fictional character?

Dracula. That cape was styling.
Severus Snape. Alan Rickman + eternal love + potions = awesome
Poison Ivy! Sure, she was a bad guy, but the red hair and the green lycra was pretty cool
Beaker from the Muppets. Meep!
Literally any Disney Princess. I love anyone who spontaneously starts singing about their feelings.

What's your poison? Your favourite rush?

Music. Always makes me feel better, couldn't live without it.
Caffeine! Sugar! Nicotine! (Don't tell my mum...) Basically, I'm a bit of a legal substance abuser,
especially during exams...
I love really beautiful organic food, packed with antioxidants and goodness. My addiction is probably
A great night out, dusk 'til dawn, with all my favourite humans
Puzzles! I couldn't cope without my suduko and my candy-smashing phone app.