What Is Your Hogwarts House???

This quiz will tell you just what house you are in! Go ahead, try it, and find out what your house is!

published on September 10, 201188 responses 18
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Someone comes, jinxes you for no reason, then runs away. What do you do?

JINX HER BACK, THE JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go tell the teacher.
Gather your friends and embarrass her in front of hers.
Go into the library, learn the most nasty jinx you can, and use it on her.

You screw up a charm in class, and everyone laughs at you. What do you do?

I laugh with them. Little do they know, I am planning to set all their sheets on fire tonight.
I laugh with them. I screwed up. So what?
What? I didn't screw up. Everyone else did.
I would never mess up a charm. They're my best subject!

What is your favorite class?


You've caught a Death- Eater. What do you do?

Obliviate. Now, you are a hogwarts student. Cast Slugulus Erecto on all Death- Eaters
Silencio! Now no one will find you. :)
*Points wand at neck* Now, where is Voldemort?
Hello, Father.

You are in a duel with a Death- Eater.

Carpe Retractum! Ha ha, I got your waaaand!
Expelliarmus! Incarcerous! Rictusempra! I need info, and i need it now!
No, please, I'm on your team! Don't hurt me!
Petrificus Totalus, Melofors, Obliviate. Yawn. Too easy.