Would you survive the LOST island?

Would you survive the LOST island?

Would you be one of the first to go or do you have the skill to survive till the end??

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Where would you sit on the plane?


A group goes into the jungle to retrieve the transmitter from the planes cockpit,do you go with them?

yes.you want to be involved
no you stay on the beach
maybe...if someones going who you like..

Someone suggests a move from the beach to the caves,what would you do?

you've set up your own camp anyways in the mountains
theres water & the caves are easier to defend so you would move
you'd stay at the beach,more likely to be seen by ships/planes

News travels that there are more survivors on the other side of the island.you...?

Go off looking for them alone,noone ever listens to you anyway
stay put,there could be anything on the island...you want to stay safe
maybe go...with weapons & a large group

you prefer to be:

with people
it varies

how well can you swim?

not very well
very well
moderatley well

someone has been kidnapped by 'the others' you??

gather supplies & go off to rescue them
stay where you're safe,you didnt know them anyway
only go if others go with you..& you know the person

you find a small plane trapped high up in a tree,you?

climb up to investigate,it may have a radio
leave it but inform others
climb halfway then give up

a group goes off to get dynamite to blow open a hatch,you?

go,and volunteer to carry it back,someone has to
dont go,you're not risking being blown up!
go,but let others carry the dynamite & keep at a distance

a group builds a raft,it can only take so many though,you?

instantly put your name forward,you want off this island ASAP
stay behind,noone even knows where we are,you could be sailing forever
only go if someone pulls out

you and another person are imprisoned by 'the others' you...?

make a break for it
wait it out
let someone else make the decisions

the smoke monster is close,you?

face up to it

the hatch is open! revealing a long ladder down into darkness..you'd?

climb down first
stay above ground thanks!
climb down after other people...

how fast can you run?

you barely can...
fast and you have good stamina

you're asked to go for a trek in the hills,how do you go about packing?

you take pretty much everything you can carry
you choose to stay behind
you travel as lightly as possible