What's your perfume personality

What's your perfume personality

Fun test that finds the best perfume styles for you, based on your personality

published on February 18, 201414 responses 2
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Which female heroine do you most identify with?

Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale (played by Eva Green)
Lisa Carol Fremont in Rear Window (played by Grace Kelly)
Marian Ravenwood (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
Sally Bowles (Cabaret)
Arwen Undomiel (The Lord of the Rings)
Frida (Frida Kahlo played by Salma Hayek)

What does the man of your dreams do for a living?

He's a financial advisor in a fortune 500 organisation
He's writes biographies of classical authors
He's a wildlife documentary cameraman
He's an award-winning sculptor
What he does is a bit of a mystery, but he's very rich and goodlooking
He owns a vineyard in France

Your grandparents are visiting, how do you prepare?

You look out your collection of family photos across the generations, you know they'll enjoy the
You prepare a three course dinner featuring all their favourite food
You search out your maps and work out a nice and easy country walk to take them on
You spend most of your time hiding the incriminating evidence of your lifestyle, which you know
they would disapprove of
You bring out all your latest creations, they love to know what projects you've been up to lately
You clean the house thoroughly from top to bottom and air out your best linen in case they
stay over

Which of these would be your favourite pet?

A wolf I've had since I found it as a puppy
Siamese cat
Tropical fish
A stray cat I found outside

You've been invited to the BAFTA Awards, which of these outfits are you most likely to wear?

Figure-hugging black couture dress in leather, Japanese patent leather Geisha style shoes.
Transparent plastic coat. One large, black polished obsidian ring
Pale silver silk empire-line dress. Grey velvet slippers embroidered with seed pearls. Strings of tiny
seed pearls woven into your flowing hair
Bias cut couture ivory/cream dress in raw silk with shoes and bag in matching fabric. Platinum
Floor-length backless halter-neck dress made from pale green chinoiserie fabric decorated with
small lemon yellow birds of paradise, lime-green skull ring. Pale green 5 inch heeled boots
Deep red velvet off-the-shoulders opera dress which shows off your impressive décolletage. Red
velvet high heels and ruby drop earrings
Strapless floor-length fitted dress in dark green suede. Hair in simple chignon decorated with
jasmine flowers and green leaves. Leather flip flops

It’s your birthday and your lover or partner treats you to your favourite meal, what and where do you eat? In your dreams (vegetarians; insert the food of your choice where meat appears!)

Your lover has planned a surprise trip and you don’t know where you’re going, but you’re
delighted to arrive in Morocco. You travel out into the desert to a tent where local tribespeople
cook up a tagine followed by fresh dates. After which you spend the
evening by an open fire, gazing out across the dunes
You arrive by helicopter flown by your lover. Dinner is fresh oysters, followed by steak tartare
then a complex chocolate tower formed from wafers of swiss chocolate and filled with dark
cherries marinated in brandy. You’re in a chalet overlooking the alps
It’s mid-summer , so your lover sails you out to a beautiful Mediterranean bay in an old wooden
boat then catches and charcoal grills sea trout and lobster, which you eat with your fingers,
accompanied by locally produced white wine. Waves lap gently against the sides of the boat
while you watch a glorious sunset
Your lover has booked a weekend stay at the former house of your favourite author. Dinner is
just as described in your favourite novel; Elizabethan cuisine by candlelight in the green room
overlooking a rose garden through the French windows
You’ve been invited to Nigela Lawson’s divorce celebration dinner party. Dinner is pan fried sea
trout, followed by beef fillets with salsa verde accompanied by pig’s ears in aspic, for desert a
giant profiterole tower drenched in dark chocolate.
Your lover has booked a table for two at Michelin star-winning restaurant Le Stella in Rue Saint
Dominique, Paris

Which of the these flower arrangements appeals to you the most?

A tall glass vase of white roses
A single deep red dahlia in a slim black vase
An enormous bunch of stargazer lilies in a red ceramic vase
A window box overflowing with wild jasmine
Water lilies floating in a large glass bowl
An indoor wall garden made of moss and daisies

Of these iconic actresses of Hollywood, which do you most admire?

Grace Kelly
Mae West
Greta Garbo
Ingrid Bergman
Katherine Hepburn
Bette Davis

Which of the following male actors do you find most attractive?

Matt Damon
George Clooney
Christian Bale
Michael Fassbender
Johnny Depp
Tom Hanks

You have just been paid a bonus and there’s a long weekend ahead of you, how are you going to spend your time and money?

You’ll travel into the wilderness where you stay in a remote cottage or cabin, explore your
surroundings, cook food on an open fire and maybe take photographs of the beautiful scenery
You’ll stay at a luxurious hotel inspired by Belle de Jour’s erotic adventures, where you get to
enact all your wildest sexual fantasies (with highly attractive people of course!)
You’ll book yourself onto a gourmand food appreciation and wine tasting course in Provence,
where you meet lots of like-minded people and generally get quite tipsy every evening after a
glorious 5 course meal
You’ll stay in a crumbling medieval castle on a mountain-side to attend a performance of
renaissance poetry and music
Your weekend will include visits to some of Europe’s finest art museums and galleries, and
you’ve made sure to book a table at several five star restaurants for each evening.
You’ll book up a creative residency in a country you’ve never visited before, you don’t know
what to expect, but you feel excited by the chance to explore new places and ideas

At school, you were most likely to be found:

Smoking and playing ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ in a dark corner of the playground
Spending most of my time making daisy chains in the local park, only turning up as required for
Buying sweets at the local sweetshop, selling them to kids in the playground
Revising renaissance studies in the library at 5pm, or monitoring pupils (I was a prefect)
Gazing out of the window imagining what it might be like to time travel, while teachers droned
on about economics
Customising my school uniform with feathers, or organising a petition demanding flexi-time of
school hours

You’re at work, your Line Manager or boss tells you that you can’t go ahead with a project you’ve put your heart and soul into for the past year (despite the fact you know there’s funding and loads of people supporting it). Which of the following are you most likely to do?

Hand in your notice, even though you’ve no job to go to, you know and have faith that your
talents will be better appreciated elsewhere. Anyway, you’re bored to the point of depression
with the place
Seduce or charm the person higher up the food chain who can influence matters. You know
they love theatre/sport/wine or whatever so you offer them the ultimate gift, then talk them
round. You know that they make the ultimate decision.
File away and archive all the relevant information, show acceptance and understanding – you
don’t want to interrupt the status quo, and anyway, you feel strong faith that your chance will
come round again.
Phone the person who you know your line manager bullied and illegally conned out of money a
year back. Seduce them, then convince them to help you build a case against your Line
Manager. No-one stands in your way
Go home and feel miserable. Then book yourself onto a creative course where your talents can
flourish. This cheers you up enough so you can go back to work and deal with the situation.
Line Manager? What's that? I've been freelance most of my life and could never work full time in
an office