Percy Jackson: Whos your godly parent? (1)

If you were a demigod like percy you would have to go to camphalfblood. What cabin would you stay in if you did? Find out who your godly parent is. The more honest you are about your answers you can really find out.

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Where do you see yourself in the future?

Married to my soul mate
College and then a good job
Having lots of children
Right here I'm to lazy to move
Fighting for the military
With my friends

Quick! Chose one!

POTATOES! Wait what's going on?
This is stupid
Power rangers go!!

Your hero is...

A romance novelist
A singer
A scholar
A chef
An actor
A veteran
My best friend

What is your favorite form of art?

Visual art like paintings and stuff like that
I don't know much about the arts
Culinary arts
Art is for girls

What weapon do you use?

Bow and arrows
I don't believe in using violence
My fist
My skills

What's your favorite color?

Orange or yellow
Blue or green
Gold or brown
Purple or red
I like all colors

Who would you take on a quest?

My girl/boyfriend
Someone popular
One of my siblings
Someone with more skills then me
I would never go on a quest
I don't need anyone
My best friend

What are you most scared of?

Losing my soul mate
Losing a fight
Starving to death
A lot of things
Letting my friends down

What is your favorite sport?

Ballet it is a sport
Sword fighting
I don't know much about sports
I HATE sports
Pro wrestling
Cross country

Describe yourself in three words

Pretty loving kind
Talented funny outgoing
Smart athletic determined
Hungry caring nice
Lazy party animal cool
Tough brave daring
Funny loyal helpful