Will you go to Heaven?

Will you? Or will your not? [To all the religious people: Don't worry, this is just a quiz. No worries. Its just for FUN!]

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Do you believe in god?

Wait...there is a God???

Do you help people when they need it? [Empathy]

Nah, when someone falls I just tea-bag them.
Yes, I believe in the Golden rule
I look up and see them, then I just go back playing Flappy Bird.

Do you curse everyday?

F*ck yes!
No, cussing is just plain dumb.
the hell is cursing?

Do you believe that you can come back alive after dying? [Reincarnation]

Yes! Go hindu's!!
No, once you die, you die.
I never die!!

Do you burn bibles?

Why not? I mean, its not like God is real.
NO!!! Thats the worst thing you could ever do!!!!
I don't touch books. Books are gross.