witch one of my characters are you?

witch one of my characters are you?

this quiz is to see what trates are similar to you and my OC's, so what OC of mine are you?

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Your friend is hurt and needs help, what do you do?

trails of to find help
stays by its side and trys to heal on your own

your friend and yourself get into a fight and go your seprete ways

you try to make things up even if your friend is to blinded to see your giving them another chance
leaves and after a couple of days starts trying to make up agan

fighting style

just naturally happens
uses your enemies skill against them

Your parents sold you to a farmer for some tobacco and cigars how would you react?

never look back, keep moving and when you see them act like you never saw them in your life
run back crying and beg for them not to gp

you have a opposite gender BEST friend that you have had for several years, hpw would it go down in highschool?

just friends
ask for a dance at prom
ask for a date