What flower are you? (1)

What flower are you? (1)

In this quiz you can find what flower you are. Flowers can vary to beautiful roses to withered sunflowers to weeds!

published on September 10, 201158 responses 11 4.1★ / 5

Are you self-centred?

I wouldn't say self-centred, I just like my look.
No, i'm not and do not plan on being in the future!
Sometimes, but I mostly like to keep my thoughts to myself
No... No-one likes me and I hate myself....

In your spare time you.....

relax and enjoy my day
Talk about my new expensive electronic to my friends and try to make them jealous
Try to get my mind of things
Laugh and remind people about an embarrassing time in their past
Catch up with my groupies

You're friends are most likely to say to me.....

That I'm really pretty
That I should let go of my past
That I should go away and never come back
Just normal things... You know...
That it's a nice day today

My enemy would be....

Someone who is prettier than me (not that anyone is!!!)
A cloudy and cold day
Welll.... I dunno........ Everyone probably hates me so.....
Someone that ruined everything, especially the most beautiful things in life
People who make me feel uneasy (like that guy that owned me once)

My besties are the ones who....

love me and the populars
Are nice to me
What besties!?
The ones who agree with me and don't annoy me