Could you survive the Apocalypse?

Can you? Or can you not? what will you do? Who will you call? Who will you trust? What will you use? What will you do? Find out if you can or not!

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Who would your call?

Your bestfriend(Crew)
Your Mom/Dad.

What Melee and Weapon will you use?

Bat, and an Ak-47
Hammer and Knife put together, and a m9 (pistol with a suppressor)
No Melee weapon, but a Minigun (800 bullets)

Will you trust everyone?

No, number 1 rule, Never trust anyone.
Yes, more than one will always be better.
No, I will only trust my crew members, and family members.

Will you kill for food?

No, I'd rather have more crew mates than food.
Yes, I will have a less risk of a chance of getting sickness.
I'd rather just drink water.

Do you believe you can cure the zombies?

Yes, I can cure the world!
No, but I can fight tell I die, and try to keep the researchers alive.
A cure? Who needs a cure when you can kill all the zombies in the world?

Will you Savage survivors to build an army to take down the zombies?

Yes, but only the people I know and trust.
No, Never trust ANYONE.

Will you raid other territories for supplies, or savage others for a stronger army?

Raid others for supplies
Savage others for a stronger army.
I work alone, get my supplies alone, make my weapons alone.

Would you have a loud but big Trailer, or a small and black van.

Loud big trailer
Small black van
Who needs cars when you can walk?
I have a Bugatti soo....

Would you give your children all you have?

Yes, my children are precious.
No, I will limit my food and keep some for me, and some for my children
I won't/don't have children.

Will you travel to safety or fight to the core! (not literally.)

Fight to the core.
Get to safety

Would you watch the news often to see for a cure?

Yes, if so, I could go to the area and get a cure
No. I will fight till the world is cured
I hate the news.

Will you limit food and water daily?

Yes, I need to limit energy to find more recourses
No, just stuff it all in my mouth, then find more food with my energy.
Mostly, food is important to have more energy and same with water, but if you eat it all, you may run out of luck and not find more food.

Would you give your crew members one of your weapons?

Yes, we need more than one defensive/offensive fighter.
No, what if they die with your weapon? You may only stick with one.
I work alone.

Final Question. Would you leave others behind for your safety.

Yes, I'd like to at least live longer.
No, I'd fight for the ones who'd fight for me.
I work alone