What Animal Are You? (6)

What Animal Are You? (6)

This quiz will tell you which animal you would be if were one. This fun and exciting quiz is perfect for family and friends!

published on September 10, 201151 responses 14 3.6★ / 5

Being the best.....

...Doesn't matter to me
...Is the most important thing in my daily life.

When in danger you.....

Put up a fight
Panic and try to get away fast!

When you see delicious food you....

Run to it and eat it by myself
Share it with your family and friends

When serving yourself for dinner you...

Quickly put the biggest steak onto my plate while the others aren't looking
Put equal serves onto each plate

Which of these suit you?

Fast and a little self centred
Definitely NOT self-centred
Protecting family and friends is very important, even if I have to get a little aggresive