What Kind Of Girl Are You

What Kind Of Girl Are You

This quiz is only for girls it identifies what kind of girl are you a girly Girl, tom boy, punk, girly tom boy, Nerdy Girl.

published on September 10, 2011142 responses 35 3.8★ / 5

Do you like sports?

At times
Not really

Do you like to do your hair, nails, and dress nicley when you go out?

Shoosh Yea, i gotts look good.
Eh mostly but sometimes i wear comfy clothes
Sometimes, not really
I could care less
Sometimes, not always, i try

Whats your favorite color?

Eh any color
Dark colors, like black,red, dark purple,etc.
Colors of the rainbow and pink

Whats do you do when you have free time?

Nothin just sit around wacthing tv, occasionally bully little kids
Shopping, Nail salon, Hair salon, etc.
Sports, Hang.
Sometimes sports, or girl stuff
Read, Write, School.

Do you like junk food?

Heck Yea!
No i can get fat.
Sometimes, Mostly yea
No chips have fat and trans fat and to many calories it is unhealthy.
Yea but i burn the calories.

Whats your favorite subject in school?

Nothing, school is boring.
Some things.
Alittle things
I'd rather be shopping.

Whats your favorite weather?

Rainy Days.
Sunny with sunshine and rainbows
Idk any weather
well....sunshine i guess

What do you do when you get on the computer?

Look up nice hairstyles and shoes and clothes
idk im bored so i play games
Look up the stats on the latest sports
Nothing just look up dark wall papers
I dont use the computer much

Why are you taking this quiz?

Idk i just wanted to, got a problem
Cuz i know what typed of girl i am already but i still wanted to take it.
Cuz it funnnnn!!!!!
Oink oink