Are you addicted to your phone?

Finf out if you are addicted to your phone or not! Good luck in the questions!

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how many social media accounts do you have?


What would be the best place to go out of these options for a vacation?

A convention
A Beach with friends/family
A Hiking trail

How many hours a day are you on your phone?

Pretty much all day
around 2 or 3
None at all, or if i'm EXTREMELY bored, 1 at the msot

Why did you decide to join Qfeast?

Just wanted a new social media!
The quizzes looked pretty fun
I don't know. I was just really bored and stumbled upon it. I don't get on much

Do you always get the coolest and newest phone(s)?

Depends if it's actually a good phone or not
Nope. i'm happy with my one oldies phone/ Nope. I don't have a phone

What would you do if the wifi went out (gasp)

Freak out and wait 12 years for it to come back on.
Read a book maybe
Go outside and do something. LIke a normal person

What kind of phone do you have?

The newest Iphone/Android
An iPhone 4 or 5/ An older model of an android
A fliphone/ don't have one!

When did you get your first phone?

When i was 7
around 2-5 years ago
A few months or about a year ago/ I just told you i don't have one!!!

If your friend is having a phone problem, would you be able to fix it?

Most likely yeah

And lastly, how do you text?

I Alwyz txt liek Dis bby
Shortcuts sumtimez, other times regularly
I don't text