Which Pretty Litttle Liar are You?

Which of these pretty little liars are You most like? Hannah, Aria, Spencer, Emily or even Alison

published on February 16, 201411 responses 0
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How would you describe yourself in a single word?

Um... caring... I don't wanna be to self-centered...
The "smart-one"
The one with the best sense in fashion, probably
Not sure... Honest probably
lol Perfect in every way!

What is your Favorite thing to do to make time pass?

Swim, it frees my mind
Study- I can't STAND getting bad grades
Not sure... Shop...? I'm not sure...
Yeah... Idk.. I'm very open to everything
Hang out with my Besties! ;)

How do you feel about "love-like" relationships?

Not sure.. It depends on who the person is...
I'm fine with them...
I'm going through the "boy-hater-phase"
'nogh said.
Boys can be back-stabbing, but also sweet and kind, idk, I'm probably okay with them
I like them! Duh!

What's your favorite color?

a Purple maybe
A nice Green
a tan or other neutral colors that I can always wear with any other color!
I'm not goth, but most of my clothes are black, so... probably black
a nice light pink that can really complement my skin tone, especially when it's a lip stain/gloss, or even some sort of balm

Favorite Disney character?

Mickey mouse :)
I've just recently seen Frozen, so I think maybe Anna or Elsa
Belle from Beauty and the Beast
I like Mike Wazouski
Sharpay from High School Musical- if she's even a Disney Character lol

What's your favorite saying?

"Imperfection is Beauty"
"The difference between Stupidity and Genius is that Genius has it's limits"
"It's better to be alone and unhappy then Unhappy and in a relationship"
"Everything has beauty- some people just aren't strong enough to see it"
"if you ignore it, it'll go away"

Least Favorite Person?

Don't have one
I can't tell if I still love Toby or hate him
Mona is "dating" my brother, I am NOT exactly pleased with her at the moment
Ezra, better known as A