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published on February 16, 2014187 responses 24
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What are your views on life?

Success rules all
Hate it here
Freaking awesome...Next! he he
There is no point in stressing, Take it easy.
The world is confusing
Life is nothing without a happy family
It is good as long as there is food
la la la pretty birds
i was lost but i found my way

When a helpless situation arises everyone gives up, however you

To hell with it
Will keep at it even if this is the third time failing
Call for help
Throw a fit about it
Let the saps do the work, I have better things to do
Fall back and rethink the situation for a solution
I was never a part of it to begin with it, i do not care
i need encouragement, but it can go the other way around

What is most important to you?

My word
The past

You are stranded in an unknown location, suddenly you hear voices in the distance, what do you do?

Wait for them to leave then take their stuff
observe from a distance
Stalk them for a while to get a better idea of who they are but i have no interest
I want to join but I am going to wait a while until i know them better
scared? ha ha what! They attack they die end of discussion
Give them a peace offering
Oh no I am so out of here
Yay! new friends...Wheee (runs towards them)
nothing at all because i want to find out where i am

The laws say "Never hunt the young"
but there is an injured baby fawn with no one around

One nibble won't hurt
Help it back to the den, all life is sacred
Rules are rules even if i am hungry
My will is strong (sulks)
I will be lucky if I get anything tonight
sigh dinner is so far away
Rules? haha thats a good one, excuse me while i eat
i am just going to continue my walk

How do you prefer to hunt?

I need to think of a plan always
I do not do the hunting thing sooo...yeah
Just call me your wingman, I am ready when you are
I like to tire the prey out first
No plan needed I am quick minded and fast on my feet
I prefer a powerful hit to the neck area ending it quick
zzzz...oh crap i am late
Crush it with fear, then i will get them while they are down

This is how I fight

Whats a fight?
I Avoid the fight
I just let the grunts do it, that is what there there for
Let's end it quickly no mercy
I use their own strength against them
To Focuse on the defense is the best fighting position
No style it just comes to me instinctively
EYES! Get them in the eyes!
I watch my partners back

My friends would describe me as

An oppertunist
open minded