Are you a Jedi or a Sith?

Are you a Jedi or a Sith?

Are you good or do you have a secret dark-side? Which would you be in the star wars universe? Find out:

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If you were confronted by a group of natives on a remote planet what would you do?

Inform them you come in peace & come to a sensible agreement
Attack them all,noone stands in your way
Only attack as a form of defence
Draw your lightsaber and attack if they start on you

What type of Lightsaber would you have?

Single,but you'd only use it when absolutley essential
Dual,twice as deadly
Either but its only used as a last resort
Any as long as it is powerful

A powerful sith lord offers to teach u how to save loved ones if u become thier apprentice,you:

Try to persuade them to come to the good side
accept the offer and pledge your allegiance to them
refuse & fight them
accept but once you have the power,turn them over to the Jedi

Which force power is the best?


Your opponent is kneeling unarmed at your mercy,you...?

Turn them over to the Jedi Council
Kill them
Torture them then hand them to the Jedi
Step back while another finishes them off

Do you get angry a lot?

Yes but you can control it to an extent

What is your approach to solving an issue with someone?


Say you do turn to the dark-side.what would you do about the Jedi younglings?

You would die before turning to the dark-side
Wipe them all out
You wouldnt turn to the dark-side,and u would send the younglings somewhere safe
You would train them to be Sith.Any who fight back....die.

Although you have proven yourself,the Jedi Council still have not made you a Master,how do you feel?

Now is not my time,u respect thier decision & continue to wait patiently
Furious!They dont trust me and i want to know why!
Upset,you talk to your mentor about it
Annoyed,but you hide your feelings....for now

Revenge of the Sith or Return of the Jedi?

ROTJ it sees the final destruction of the Sith :D
ROTS it is the Siths finest moment,they rule!
ROTJ although you think that some Sith should survive
ROTS It would make it better if some Jedi lived though..more interesting