Which (new) Doctor are you?

Which (new) Doctor are you?

Find out which (new) Doctor you are (Nine, Ten, or Eleven). This is based on personality alone.

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How do you feel about past mistakes

Regret and forget
I can't live with myself
I try not to dwell on it

Which of the following personalities best defines you?

Happy and funny
Lonely and miserable
Self-confident and sassy
Sad but hopeful
Easily upset but friendly
Confused and angry
Loving and compassionate

How do you feel about friends?

I'm better as a loner
I love friends and couldn't live without them
I only like the ones I can trust completely

How easily are you angered?

It takes a lot to make me mad
I'm fine until you threaten someone I love
Don't touch my stuff or blame me for something I didn't do and I'm fine
Everybody just gets on my nerves
I am very easily angered

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being low and 10 being high), how compassionate are you?


Introvert of extrovert?


What hobby do you find most alluring?

Playing games and/or sports
I don't really have a hobby

How social are you?

I love people and they love me
Alright, but I do like to be alone from time to time
I don't know how to act around people and prefer to be alone
I hate people and don't ever want to see their faces

What animal would you best describe yourself as?

A dog
A cat
A monkey
A hippo

What would you call a happy ending?

Settling down with a loved one
Seeing my loved ones happy
Being alone. No one else gets hurt
I hate endings