could you be a ghost?

could you be a ghost?

Ever feel like you were different from the rest of the world? Have you ever had the urge to haunt somebody. Well let's see if it's because you're a ghost.

published on February 13, 201469 responses 14 4.8★ / 5

What happens when you get mad?

Everybody trembles
I don't really get mad
The things around start to shake

Do you like to scare people?

Yeah all the time
I don't try to but I always do
No, that's just mean
Sometimes I guess

Do you float through walls?

I wish
No, but walls crumble around me sometimes

Do people seem to look right through you?

No, why would they
sometimes and it sucks
no they look at me like a freak
no they are to scared to look at me

What do you think you are?

Evil Ghost
Friendly ghost

Last question... do animals tend to get defensive around you?

yes, I find it kind of funny
no more than anybody else
no, they tend to come close to me in a calm yet curious
no they are just scared, but they dont bark or anything