Which 'Bad Teacher' are you?

Which 'Bad Teacher' are you?

Want to know which character you are from the hit movie Bad Teacher? Are you Elizabeth Halsey, who doesn't give an F? Or are you Amy Squirrel, the squeaky-clean, do-gooding ridiculously happy teacher? Take the quiz and find out now!

published on February 13, 201415 responses 0

A good education is important right?

Yes, definitely.
Whatever, who cares when you can be rich!
Does sport count as a good education?
Ermm... Well, yes. Wait, no... Oh I'm not sure!

Students are...

The most important people ever! They teach the teachers as much as the teachers teach
Ugh, annoying.
Well... It depends on the student I guess. Hmm... What do you think?
They're ok. If they like sport we will get on fine.

Getting a job is...

A complete waste of time, when you can marry someone rich.
Extremely important. You get to pursue a career in a subject you're passionate about. Plus
you get to meet some super fun people.
Alright if it involves some kind of sport.
Important. Well for most people it is.

Mornings are...

I feel indifferent about mornings.
Mornings? Who has time for that when you can stay in bed till 1pm.
Super, super fun! Love getting up at the crack of dawn to admire the beautiful sunrise.

How would you describe yourself?

Attractive. I'm always the centre of attention. Everyone loves me.
Sporty and laid back.
Ermm... I'm not sure, I don't really think about this sorta stuff.
Super organise. I take pride in everything I do.