Which of the 7 dwarfs are you? (Snow White)

Which of the 7 dwarfs are you? (Snow White)

Sleepy,Happy,Grumpy,Dopey,Sneezy,Bashful or Doc? Lets see shall we...Try this quiz.

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You disagree with someone about something,they're starting to get really angry:

I'll crack a joke to lighten the mood :D
Er....what are we arguing about again?
You'd break into a bout of sneezes for so long that they give up..
Meh..im too tired to argue *walks off*
You'd get all flustered and mess up your words
You debate/reason with them..calmly
You get really angry back!


Sums are boring lets do something fun!
*sweats* er..i dunno
Don't do maths it makes me sleepy.....zzzzz
*goes red* oooh...dont pressure me,i dont like it!
minus 2 (-2) too easy ^_^

Travel essential:

lots of games!
what does eesenshul mean?
some handkerchiefs
travel pillow
er...a suntan! to hide my blushes >_<
hmph...just some peace and quiet!

The mailman is late with an important delievery...

oh thats alright! ill invite him in for a cuppa :D
i cant tell the time so i didnt notice ^_^
he can have some of my cold as a payback *coughs*
its fine im still in bed anyways... ^_^
you try to ask why he's late but get all tongue tied so quickly take the mail & come inside
you go through all the reasons in your head why he could be late
you wait ready to give him a telling off!!

You win a local quiz! when recieving your prize...?

You bounce onto the stage grinning from ear to ear :D
I won a quiz?! *faints*
Id like to thank...achoo1 achoo! and achoo! oops sorry..
Thats a lie! i was asleep...
you stumble onto the stage and mumble your thanks
you go into a long detailed speech
you take the price quickly & storm off the stage

One word to describe yourself?


Best thing about school?

Seeing all your friends :D
You dont like school cos you're not very good at it :(
Well i like...achoo! oh sorry...do you have a tissue?
Breaktime so you can just chill & maybe nap.. ^_^
Anything that doesnt involve having to talk i front of a large group *blushes*
The lessons..you just love to learn..thats why you're there after all...

Who do you think you'd get on with best?

Grumpy...maybe not at first but you'd soon cheer him up :D
Doc...he's smart & would help me out :)
Anyone who doesnt mind me sneezing a lot! :D
Happy..he'd help to bring me out of my shell ^_^
Dopey...poor guy he's so stupid :)
Pfft...none of them..

Who is your favourite?


What did you think of the quiz??

It was fun!
It was a bit hard..
I enjoyed it up until i sneezed all over the screen...doh..
It was boring.... *yawns*
er..it w..was...g g good :)
the questions were too easy..
grr!! stop asking me questions!