Could we be friends? (4)

Could we be friends? (4)

Heyyy you people. Wanna know if we could be friends.... the take this quiz. Hope you guyz get a yes :)

published on February 12, 201448 responses 17 4.0★ / 5

Are you weird?

Maybe :3
not really... are you?
mmm depends

Do you like food?

yeah, i like food like any normal person
I guess...
sorta, not really
i'm a picky eater
nope sorry

Are you creative?

define creative...
not really.
drawing, painting, making songs, you name it

Do you like music?

Do you like music?
no music, no life
sort of depends
yeah, as long as it's not dubstep
yeah as long as it's not country

Are you funny?

yeah, that's what they tell me
I could be if you want
not really
yeah, but it's really dry humor