would i date you? (boys only please) :) :*

would i date you? (boys only please) :) :*

boys only please as i am a girl and i just want to see if any of you would be perfect for me :)

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do you like the look of me so far?

yes, your hotttt!
your very pretty
your ok
your… meh :/

age? I'm 14 and a half (the half makes all the difference lol) :D


first date?

a nice dinner
a night in at one of our places maybe watching a film
mc donalds!
not much really

what do you spend your spare time doing?

xbox!!! (i love you if you pick this)
ps3 (meh)
outside exploring! (…)
whatever i want to do (?)
it would be seeing you (haha cute!)

would you make an effort to come and see me? i live on the Isle of Wight

yes, but not too often coz we don't live near each other
we live really close so yeahhh!
no, not at all
haven't got a way to get to you, so no

how tall are you?

5ft - 5ft5
5ft5 - 6ft
smaller than 5ft

how would you rate YOUR looks?

hot and sexy!
im ok, i guess, its up to u really
i am defo ugly, everyone tells me i am

how would you describe yourself?

funny, outgoing, smart, and really happy
angry, stress, horrible and mean
can get angry, but mostly funny, trustworthy
not smart, funny, strange and weird

would you, kiss and hug me and love me and see me all the time?

yes loadssss!!
quite a lot
not much
not at all!

does the fact that i play xbox and am also a girly girl (doesn't seem possible, but its true) bother you?

yes, ultimate turn off
not at all! your perfect!
kind of, but you can change right?
no, we can play cod together!
no, but i don't like xbox's, ps3's are better

message me? ;)

yes! i will straight away!
yes, in a minute
maybe later, or tomorrow

so overall, would you date me or consider it?

yes, all the way
yes, of corse
maybe, but your not the kind of person i go for
no, your ugly and we wouldn't get along
no, we wouldn't suit

oh yeah! and!… do you think we'd make a cute couple

yeah! tumblr couple!
yeah, people would be sooo jealous of us!
kinda, but i would ruin the cuteness
kinda, but you would ruin the cuteness
no, both ugly
no, your ugly
no, I'm ugly