Who are you from the game Ib?

Who are you from the game Ib?

I do not own the game, so this is a quiz and you could see if your ib gary, or mary?

published on February 11, 201425 responses 6 5.0★ / 5

What do you like?

Oh drawing, playing, and everything!
I like bunnies
I like eating macarons in cafes

What's your clothes like?

Something Fancy
Something cute!
Something cool

What was your favorite art piece

I liked the milk puzzle
I liked the hanged man
What! I can't choose!

Who do you like most, and why?

Ib, because she's brave and really nice
I can't choose... Mary, because she is my friend, but garry is also
Ib! Though I do have a little crush on Garry

What did you think about the doll room?

nonono! That was NOT cute
It was really cute, those dolls are really cute!
They were cool

If you were stuck with your friend and you boyfriend/girlfriend, and only two of you could make it out? What would you do?

I'd choose my friend!
I'd choose my boyfriend/girlfriend!
Don't say things like that...
I'd sacrifice myself

Whats color rose do you like?

Red for "true love"
Blue symbolic for "impossible miracle"
Yellow for "Joy", "Jealousy" and "Friendship"