Running from Trouble part 12

Running from Trouble part 12

Yay! Part 12. I'm working on my story a lot and my two quiz series. :P

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You were still holding onto my wrist when we got home. When we got into the house, you shoved me onto the ground and pushed Sapphire out of your way.

I'm sorry.
I'm not. (Alexis: So mean)
I was angry.

You stomped up to your room and fell into an angry sleep. When you woke up, you went downstairs and smelled pancakes. "Hi ___!" Sapphire said smiling. "Where's everyone else?" You asked. "Their all asleep." "Really?" She nodded.

Is Sonic asleep? (Alexis: Yeah)
Is Knucky? (Alexis: Yep)

I came down and smiled. "Hi guys." I said waving. "___ what element do you want to start with?" Sapphire asked. You looked down and thought for a moment. "Why not fire?" Alexis asked. "Although first we have to do something for Shadow." "What is it?" You asked. "We have to go in his subconscious." Sapphire explained. "Why?" You asked.

I wanted air.
I want earth.
I agree with air.
I actually LIKE fine.
I feel a story coming on. (Alexis: You are correct.)

"Okay well when you went to sleep Shadow fell down on the ground. He's been asleep for 27 hours." Alexis explained. "I thought he was just tired." Sonic, Silver, and Knuckles all came in. "Hi guys," Alexis smiled. "Sup," Sonic said. Tails then came in also. "Is faker awake yet?" Sonic asked. Sapphire and I both shook our heads. Alexis handed you some waffles and you started eating.

Nummy! :I
I hate waffles. (Alexis&Sapphire: *faint*.)
I knew it was a story!

After everyone ate we all went up to Shadow's room. Shadow was asleep on his bed with his arms folded on his chest. "Silver ready to do this?" Alexis asked. Silver nodded. Everyone took each others hands and you all closed your eyes. You saw a black flash then you were all in the middle of nowhere. You looked and saw everyone standing around you. You looked and saw a floating silver heart on a pedastool. You walked up to it but I called you over. "Isn't it cool?" I asked. "It shows who Shadow cares about and other personal stuff like memories."

>:) this is going to be good.
So if I just touch this then it shows me- *pulls hand out*. (Alexis: *smacks hand away*)
I'm scared to see his memories.

Alexis smiled. "Let me show you an example." I touched it and so many stuff came up. I tapped around and you saw a screen thing come up. You saw Shadow wake up in a metal machine with Dr. Eggman and I staring up at him. "This is when Shadow and I first met." I said smiling. You noticed a little blush on my muzzle. Leaving here bye. ;)