what kind of tree are you

This qiuz will tell you what tree is best fit for you like maple,oak, and pine

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What is your favorite season and why?

Winter because it is dark and dreary
Spring because i love watching the flowers bloom
summer because i love to hang out with my friends
fall because i love watching the trees change colors

What do you like to do with your friends?

Take them out for dinner and pay for all of it
go to the park and get ice cream but let them pay for it
Take them out to eat then say i have the money to pay for mine and leave them stranded there
Say were going to the movies and then go to see dora live in concert

What do you do on a beautiful day?

Stay inside
Take my friends to the park and just relax
Take my dog out and play fetch
go outside and text my friends

Ice cream flavor

Peanut butter and chocolate
Neopoleton (vanilla,strawberry,and chocolate)
butter pecan
cookies and cream

Favorite subject?

Math i love adding up the cookies to give to people
Reading i love the adventure
Writing i love to writ down gossip
Recess i love cheating in different sports