are you a mermaid

a quiz to see if youre a magical creature and if you can breath under water and grow a tail

published on February 08, 201439 responses 4 4.8★ / 5

if you could choose what would what movie would you watch

i woudnt id be making scary storys of mermaids that die
id watch h20 just add water instead

would you most likeley be . ...

swimming and greeting your friends
tricking your friends while singing on a rock thinking about how great you are hoping youre a mermaid

where would you throw a party ...

in my mansion of course while i prank every one
on the beach singing and dancing

whats your favorite colour

green oceanblue
black faded green dark gloomy blue

would you rather ..

all your friends die cause of the smell of the ocean ha ha ha
having a party with your friends at your pool

what would you rather do a report on

the history of sea life
the history of pranking people with water