what are yuh???

what are yuh???

okaie.. many think so crazy of themselves.. wat r yuh actually!!!? go ahead nd check out ppl!!

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hav yo ever thought yo fell in love ??

who cares!!
hmmmm may be!!!
ofcourse YES!!
LOVE?? wats it??

do yo smile at strangers wen they pass by??

yup.. sometimes if i lik d gal or guy! lol
wat?? who r they??
depends on ma mood!!

hav yo ever thought wat wud b d purpose of ur existence??

am born to rule your head!!
oh.. existence itself is a grt thing!!
wat d hell!!! i hav much more to think abt!!
does it relle matter??

finally.. who r yo??

am... "ME" :) :)
SHUT UP am bored.. finish tis up
i dont relle care who i am!!
tats y i ve picked tis quiz up!! ans me??

r yo aware tat tis quiz is gonna end up getting yo angry??

am already pissed off!!
hmmm try me out!
angry?? oh am damn cool.
am bored! gimme an answer!