Which TV Lawyer are you?

Which TV Lawyer are you?

We all love to watch them - for fun, as a guilty pleasure, nostalgia from pre-law school days - which TV lawyer would you be?

published on February 07, 20146 responses 0

Which type of law interests you the most?

Civil Rights
Attorney Professional Responsibility & Ethics
Public Interest
Dollar Bills
Whatever impresses who I'm trying to pick up.
Criminal Defense
Civil Crimes
Unique Litigation
DUIs and Juvenile crimes

Do you consider yourself....?

A fixer...I fix things.
Someone who takes thinking out of the box to the next level.
I'm sorry, what was the question, I wasn't paying attention.
A leader.
Worthy of praise.
An excellent attorney.
Legend..wait for it...dary!

What type of outfit/clothing do you wear to work?

Pants suit
An expensive pants suit
Whatever the ladies/guys wanna look at.
Skirt Suit
A trendy blazer
All matching and somehow it's stainless.
Something that screams - I'm about to win this case.
Whatever I pick from my closet first - but it fits my personality.
Something timeless.
Something suave and classy.
An outfit demonstrating I'm a winner.
Anything with the perfect tie. (cause my friends helped me pick it out)

For purposes of the quiz alone, What do you think about following the rules?

I think of them more like guidelines.
Does a rocket ship demonstration in court count as following the rules?
I didn't see anything, please don't tell me anything else.
Very important.
Zealously important because of past lessons learned.
Whatever it takes for the client.
Whatever it takes to keep the partners happy.
I always do the right thing. (At least I think I do)
Selectively important.
Rules, schmules... I never lose.
They are meant to be toward justice for all.

What phrase sticks out to you?

Dark side of the moon.
That's what she said.
And that's how we'll go .... oooo I like those shoes!
Ok all we need is a bunch of duck tape, some straws, pancakes, and matches.
The closer.
I'm a handsome devil.
Our clients and our firm come first and second.
Hakuna Matata
You're GUILTY!

Who would you want as a mentor?

James Bond
Indiana Jones
Judy Smith
Captain Jack Sparrow
Jonhnie Cochran
Jackie Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
Gloria Allred
John Grisham
Mark Geragos (Michael Jackson's attorney)
Mr. Miagi

What is your favorite color?

Light Blue
Dark Blue
What matches my tie and makes my hair and smile shine.
Pin stripes.
Something sexy.
Something with finesse .
Forest Green