What One Direction boy is right for you?

Are you a directioner?Are you convinced that one day you will be in a relationship with your idol...Find out now

published on February 07, 201439 responses 7
What One Direction boy is right for you?
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What is your ideal date with your boyfriend

Sitting infront of the tv watching your favourite movie trilogy whilst eating popcorn and snuglling up together under a
Going to a concert and a romantic meal
Going to Nandos and then the cinema for a movie oof your choice
Going to an art gallery and then a cup of tea in a local cafe
Romantic Picnic in the park followed by a walk on the beach

What would you were on the date

Joggies and a causual tee, its comfy and it looks hot with a messy bun to finish it
Your cutest summer dress with a pair of sandals, a fish tail braid willl finish that look nicely
Shorts and a nice top with yoou nike air max,with your hair pulled back tidily
Your onesie theres nothing better
My favourite skater skirt with a cute crop top and to finish it off a cute pair of colourful vans

Youve invited your boyfriend home what do you slip into

Something casual and comfy
Something sexy with lace
My bed he joins me
A onesie
Some cute pjamas that show skin

What is your favourite colour


Your having your boyfriends baby what do you call it

Your having your boyfriends baby what do you call it
Darcy, cute and simple
Taylor its smart and sufficiant
Maria, its a nice name
Olivia,Its a really girly name and your daughter is going to be your princess
Trystan,Its unusual and will make your daughter confident

Your getting married what dress do you go for

Something long and straight with lace
Something big
Something with a lot of volume and layers
Something that will suit anyone with a lot of shape
Something that you find perfect

What Is your favourite animal