Are you random? (2)

Are you random? (2)

Do your friends think your crazy, or a little bit out of it? Well I know my friends do, so maybe your random too. :)

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What is your favorite color?

Neon Anything
Fiery red
Calm Blue

You prefer...

To make funny faces at your friends during lectures.
Change the topic from television to toothpaste
Light things on Fire
Listen to the teacher during lectures
Peacefully watch a classic movie
Annoy the person next to you by talking nonstop about the time you were almost hit by the car that "Should have know you were going to try and do a wheelie"

How would you dye your hair?

Partially Green
Neon Pink!
I wouldn't

Your favorite word or word you say most often.

Be Quiet.

Your teachers/ coworkers would describe you as..

A *bit* eccentric
An interesting person
Good worker, quiet though.

Your favorite book is...

1000 Akward phrases
Harry Potter/ HungerGames/ Other popular action adventure novel
Websters extremly unabridged dictionary