What type of monster are you

vampire werewolf the kraken? you will find out your inner evil today!

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Whats your favorite color?

dull colors
green or light blue
im very colorful i just cant pick!

If you could have one wish what would it be?

To have a tail
to haves better clothes
To have a dog or to have another dog
to hold my breath for a long time and to swim faster
To fly
well thats a hard question

Whats your favorite animal?

I dont have a favorite
Anything with sharp teeth
A dog
I love sea animals
Im not a big animal fan

If you were in charge of a party what would the party be like?

We would watch a horror movie!
Fashion show!
Animal party!
Pool party!
We would to the craziest things like trying to fly!
My idea of a party is totally differant

How popular are you?

Im soooo popular
Im great at fashion but my social skills are kinda..
Im kinda average
Im such a nerd :(
Im so Hot!
Im popular to some people im really brave though

What monster do you think you are be honest dont pick the best pick the one you think you are