Running from trouble part 11

Running from trouble part 11

I'm kinda lazy when it comes to results. I have a lot on my plate and I just got a dress for a dance. I also just went to the dance it was so off the fang!! <3

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Sapphire and I looked up as a police woman was on top of us. "Topaz is the name I work for the president. I know who you are. Do you know Rouge?" She asked. We both nodded. "Can they see us?" You asked. "No we can see them but they can't see us. " "Officer Topaz these things said they know where ___ is," Your mom said. Tears escaped your eyes and you couldn't take it any more so you ran through the portal.

{what did I just do?}
*hesitates*. (Alexis: *pushes you in*)

You ran to your parents and hugged them. "Mom! Dad! It feels like forever since I've seen you," You said crying. "___?" They asked. You nodded. "What did you do to her?" Your father asked with rage.

*gets nervous*
What's he going to do?

"What have you done with my daughter!" Your dad screamed. "My poor baby, don't worry well kill the evil monsters and get you back," Your mom cried.

Mom they didn't hurt me.
No I can't leave Silvy.
No I'm not going back.

Whatever you said your mom got mad. "You don't tell me what to do young lady. We're going home." "No!" You screamed. You saw them hold two katata's near my and Sapphire's neck. "NO!" You yelled as a you made a fire wheel around Sapphire and I. You looked at your parents with rage and took my wrist. "Get us back home!" You commanded with black eyes. "____ calm down," Sapphire said staring you in the eyes. "Alexis get us back to Mobius," You growled at me.

Are you guys alright? (Alexis: Yep)
I have cool powers. (Alexis: Yep your the avatar)
I love Avatar! ~ <3 (Alexis: Me to)
Am I hurting you? (Alexis: Little bit)
I am so awesome. (Alexis: Cause I made you that way) -_- what ever

I stared at you in shock. "Chaos control!" I yelled.

you have chaos control?
Mom! Dad! No!
Were leaving those idiots. >:)

Okay were stopping here bye... ;)