Which Twighlight character are you?

find out which twighlight character you are most like just answer the questions truthfully.

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Everyone at school thinks you have a boyfriend what do you do?

Worry about it
Joke about it
Make a lie saying it's someone else's boyfriend
Go to the extremes to find out who started this rumour
Just say that it is not true
Make sure your so called 'boyfriend' is OK
exadurate things about your 'relationship'

You hear that your best freind is crying, what do you do?

See if she is ok
Spread the word
Hurt the person who started this rumour
Tell your freind a joke to make her feel better

Would you rather

Sing on stage?
Make a joke on stage?
Tell your boyfriend how much you love them onstage?
Tell your friend how awesome she is on stage?

You see your crush, what do you do?

Tell everyone you like him
Tell him you like him
Act cool
What crush?????????

You are invited to a BMX Riding birthday what do you say?

Way too dangerous
only if my Boyfriends coming too
ok but can my BFF come too, she loves BMX Riding?

Do you have a boy friend?

Yes and I'm not afraid to say it
Well, I tell everyone I do
No but loads of guys like me

Do you have tones of friends?

No just a couple of really close ones
Kind of

If you had 1 wish, what would it be

More make up
Nothing, I'm happy as I am
My friend to stay my friend forever
Be a star comedian
more friends
My boyfriend to love me forever
nothing to worry about
none of the above