what monster are you!

you couad be a werewolf a vamp a zombie and a warlock / wich so yea no what HELL YEA

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you see a bleding pack of werewolfs

help them
kill them
drink ther blood (kiling them)
run of in frear

you see a human ther alone and luck like someone you woud marry in a monster stat of curse

drinck em and hismo them into love
jump down and take them in the woods were none but you and the soranding whoad hear her/him and let them slowly like you
slit ther throt and see them in hell
hide your monster form and say hi and blud a relashon ship then show them how i am

whats your fav aninmal

black cat

a monster hunter is chasing you and he shots come out her (___) and i will kill you qwik

whine and call your freands
stay away! ore you well be like me
kill him
try to reson

he find syou and holding a monster killer good nghit swet...

hes dead
ponce on him and bite his neck
(run away)
(frezee him

whats you fav cloer

blood red
fire cloer
any thing lat glows

you are up one pray how doyou obtanit

stelf in the trees
jump emm
no bofther
just kill them

whats your time of day

mid night
when ever

what kind of "prson"whoad you love

one wich is agriable and is smart
one that loves blood shed
a nice loyal prson
is cute

who do you hate the most

not a man/gal of hate
nobody loyal or evil
hippys and pice protesers
day peeps

are you ready?

hope its no to ebrasing
lets see

rght lets go

just COME ON