which black Butler character are you

Figure out who you are. Black butle it is a good quiz to try. You would be a idiot not to try

published on February 03, 20149 responses 3

What do you do when you're excited really be nice you don't wanna upset them

I don't get excited duhh
I hug ekkkk
I look for bones roof
I play with cats paws :-)

What is you fav color:-) :-) :-)

Orang blue and pink:-$
Grey uhhh squirrel

Who do you hate =-O don't be to harsh

Those people with shots
Claude he gets in the way
alois trancy
Mail man

Do you love anyone in paticuler

I have no room for love once something is truely lost it can never be retrieved again
I can't love unless I am told to by my master
I love my master she is so sweet
I love the fresh air

Your favorite face