What District Should You Really Be In?

What District Should You Really Be In?

What district are you a part of? Are you happy in it? No? Need some help deciding what district to join? Take this quiz!

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Death penalty!
How do you want to die?

Poison me. Quick and fast, but put me to sleep first okay?
Just shoot me or push me in front of a train or something....
Might as well go out like the bada$$ I am! Ha, ha.
Oh no... Do I really have to die!? I didn't do it!!!
Before I die, let me clean my room, give my stuff away, plan my funeral, say goodbye, go skydiving, travel to the Bahamas, buy a yacht.
YES! Death! Set me on fire! Electrocute me! Who cares? No one cares about me anyway...

Choose the one that best applies to you.

I have a steady job and a good career, and I'm not quitting anytime soon. I have a family to take care of.
I'm not working but my significant other is. I'm basically living off someone else right now.
I have a steady job or someone else in my family (besides my significant other) has a job. We're all working to make ends meet and I'm doing my part. I'm a student or babysitter, or bringing money into the house somehow.
I don't work because I don't need to. I manage my money well and have enough right now... I'm looking for something else to do. I get bored sometimes.
I have a steady job and a career, but I'm willing to relocate or quit if I really need to.

How do you feel about....
Just asking!

Wait until marriage, until you're out of college, you have a job, you have a house, and can support kids, if you want them.
Just do yourself a favor and wait.
Wait until marriage, so you're sure you've found the right one. And then your first time can be special with your significant other...
Everything is just better that way.
Who the hell cares? As long as you're not cheating on someone, and you're honest about it.... You only live once.
It's okay to experiment, as long as you're not a slut.
Um. Ok. We all have our own opinions about that. Who cares? Let's move on.
Wait until you're sure you've found the right person. Use protection. Don't tell anyone!

Last question. Choose one that catches your eye.

Free cleaning supplies.
Free stuff for your pets...
Free building materials!
Wood, nails, ect.
Free books!
Free office supplies

How many people do you consider a "full house"?
Living together, not getting together.

You only need one kid to fill a house with absolute chaos, but chaos....
Chaos is okay.
Probably six to eight's enough... It depends on how big the house is. But I could only live with a couple of people. I need my peace and quiet. Besides I get headaches.
Eh.... 15? 20? I can sleep on the porch if I need to.
It depends. If a house were filled with three noisy people... The house would be noisy. If the house were filled with eight quiet people, the house would be quiet... I'm fine if my house is quiet.
House? What's a house? I'm too busy to have a house. Let alone a house with people in it.
I sleep at work. Work is nice.

How much free time do you have on your hands right now?

Not a lot, and the free time I do have I would like to keep... Free.
Enough. My needs are met and my daily tasks are pretty mundane, to be honest....
Why, what do you want from me?
I guess I have an ACCEPTABLE amount. But my time is MINE. Not yours. Go away.
Too much, I get bored sometimes.
Wanna go do something?
I feel like I have all the time in the world...I'd be willing to commit to something right now.

Be truthful: Does a large diversity of people in your life bother you?

People with tattoos, different backgrounds, different sexual orientation, criminal activity, different religions, family situations, disabilities, mental illness, characters, ect.

Tattoos, sexual orientation, all that stuff... I don't really care.
That doesn't mean I want people with bad criminal records or mental illness messing up my life, I understand I just don't have time for that right now.
I won't judge, but I'd like to be around people who are a lot like me. The simpler, the better. We are all God's children!
Who cares? Been there, done that, we're all the same. We all have our stories to tell and I wanna hear yours!
I won't judge. It depends on who the person really is! All about character.
Tattoos, sexual orientation? Really it doesn't matter. Religion doesn't matter. Your background doesn't matter.
But if I know someone's hurting someone else... Or committing criminal activities that are causing conflict or harm to my loved ones, I will snitch...

What kind of social gatherings do you like/attend most?

Party Party Party! You can find me dancing at the club, laughing at a house party or chilling at a concert- when I have time.
I prefer little social gatherings with meaning... You could find me at the library, a fitness class, exchanging recipes in someone's living
room or at some kind of art center.
There's people at my house all the time, but I don't like strangers. You'll find me front porchin' with my best buds and extended family every night, even though there's only a few of us... We're close and we have our fun too. It's not about how many, it's about who.
I'm not all that into social gatherings, rather have dinners with my church family and watch a movie or two with my significant other.
I'm a leader! I'm in charge of social gatherings. You can find me teaching, preaching, debating... Just give me a time of day and I'll be there. ROAR!

How do plan to spend a Thursday night?

Getting ready for work the next morning. Taking care of my kids, eating dinner, spending some time with my significant other.
Cuddling up on the couch with my tablet, maybe watching a movie, staying up late. Eating cookies. Reading stuff online.
Oooh! I'll probably begin the night working on a project.
But by eleven me and my best bud's will probably be setting shit on fire and seeing how loud the radio will go... Watching Family Guy and barfing up pizza. At two or three someone will probably call the cops or leave to a hotel...
Shit I've got class tomorrow!
Reading, playing Zelda, writing in my journal, chillin with my dog.
Working on a project or experiment for work, maybe I'll get some time to myself?

Where do you want to live?

In a nice area in the center of the city I work in. A small or medium sized house in the middle of the street... Lots of trees, a fence and a mailbox. Yeah, might need a gun though.
In the country, maybe on a farm. With a garden. No neighbors or people around, a long rocky road. Maybe in the woods, just a quiet place.
Within walking distance of a big city. A dark medium sized house with a nice front porch. Maybe near the mountains... We'll probably be the most chaotic house on the block though. Just sayin'
Who cares... I just need keys and guitars. ;) And... Not lots of people and cars.
BTW where did I put my keys?
I don't give a damn. As long as I'm close to work!!!
I will go wherever you take me boss!