Which Pevensie are you?

Which Pevensie are you?

Peter,Susan,Edmund or Lucy? find out which you are the most like here...

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Which title would you prefer?

The Magnificent
The Just
The Valiant
The Gentle

Which of these gifts would you choose?

A sword & shield
Turkish Delight
Healing Cordial
Bow & Arrows

I crown you to....?

The clear northern sky!
The great western wood!
The glittering eastern sea!
The radiant southern sun!

Lucy runs in to tell you shes found a country inside the wardrobe...

you tell her to stop being so childish
you tease her about it
you believe her
you worry theres something wrong with her

Favourite character of the following?

The white witch
Mr Tumnus the faun
Prince Caspian

Best Moment:

the slaying of Maugrim the wolf
destruction of the witches wand
the waking up of the creatures turned to stone
any scene with Caspian in it

One of your flaws?

can be close-minded
can get jealous
can be insecure
can be vain

who would you get on with the best?


Who would you get on with the least?

edmund he's a little bully
peter he thinks he's the best
edmund...he's mean
you keep out of silly arguments