What Type of Fairy Are You?

What Type of Fairy Are You?

Are you a Woods Fairy, a Rain Fairy, a Gem Fairy, a Water Fairy....or are you not a fairy at all?

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Where would you rather go?

Flying up high....I can see ANYTHING from a cloud!
To the lake! Where else would I go to enjoy life?
To a gem mine..of course
Into the deep brush of the forest! I HAVE to feel ground beneath my feet!

There is a child caught in a burning building. You know that kid, but only have seen them once or twice at school. What do you do?

You run away, to afraid to see them perish.
Quick! Get some help!
Run into the building...even if you die...at least you tried, right?
Try not to get into the scene....but if nothing is at your disposal, go for it!
Leave them there!

What name do you prefer?

I like my own name, thank you very much! :(

Are you good in school?

Brightest student there is!
I'm flexible...but I do get in trouble!
Who cares? / Other
I do great! But, my teachers always give me the hard stuff, because I'm the teacher's pet!
I mess up, but I always try my best!

What is your favorite color?

Blue....ocean blue!
Green! Ahh...nature!
Anything glittery and glamorous!