Whats your Harry Potter job?

Whats your Harry Potter job?

ever woner what ur wizarding job would be! lets find out. pleaz comment!!!(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

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dementors! what do u do???

take them down!
get to herbology! professer sprout will have an answer!
darn it! Quidditch is canceld!
make sure everyone is safe. then go and fight.
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Young wizards are in danger! wat du u do!!!

go in and save them. stop whatever is evil
go and take a magic book on fungi with u. u could finds some herbs on the way!
mount ur brooms. fly ahead to see them
gather the teachers. go in and find the wizards.
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everthing is calm and peacful. so you....

guard the grounds. nothings peacful hear
go and take extra credit in herbology
call for quiditch practice
make sure everthyings in order. work on some papers
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get together and fight! fight! fight!!!!!!!
get plant potions ready. ur going to need it.
mount ur brooms, take to the sky and fing him!!!!!!!!!!!
get everyone inside. contact help. get everyone safe and then fight.
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now is the final qustion. wat discreption fits u???

strong, brave, tough
likes to explore, loves trees and plants
sporty, athletic, fun
wise. smart, helpful
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