Which Hunger Games Character Are You?

Which Hunger Games Character Are You?

What character are you most like, from Katniss to Rue to President Snow and Glimmer,which one are you most like?

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Are you....

Female, Sweet, and Loving.
Male, Kind and Gentle
Female, Glamorous and Spoiled
Male, Power-Hungry and Intelligent
Female, Swift and Stealthy
Male, Strong and Providing
Female, Paranoid and Patient

You would love to live in....

A forest cabin, away from it all.
A simple home where you can speak your mind and hunt in peace.
A home where there is plenty of delicious fresh food.
A palce where you can help others.
A treehouse.
A mansion where slaves follow every order without question and security is impenetrable.
A mansion made out of gems and precious metals.

You like to...

Practice Archery
Help people
Control people
Be called pretty

You want to be with someone who...

Calls you pretty
No one
Hunts and sings to the birds
Hunts and knows their stuff
Can make you feel secure and comfortable in a cruel world
Can live of the earth and can sing.
Can help take care of people

You don't like...

Mindless People
Determined People, They mess up your plans!
People who tear apart nature.
People who don't call you pretty
When people trick you or go insane
Dead things or hunting