Which 'Inbetweener' are you?

Which 'Inbetweener' are you?

Neurotic Simon,Girl-obsessed Jay,Nice but dim Neil or Posh boy Will? find out here...

published on September 02, 201121 responses 1

Lads holiday,you wear matching shirts for a laugh.which name would be on yours?

Mr.I love kids
Mr.Big Nob

Your usual day to day outfit:

blazer,maybe a tie,always smart shoes
jeans paired with a tracksuit top or a football top
sporty,white trainers,but on a night out you like to stand out

How would you describe your relationship with your parents?

They just dont understand me at all....
Oh god,they're so interfering & embarassing!
They often put me down :-( not realising its not funny...
People think they're a bit odd...but you defend them

Which of these is most likely to happen to you?

You insult someone not realising they're right behind you
You make numerous failed...increasingly dumb attempts to get with the one you love
You get caught having a private 'alone' moment
You get hit-on by a teacher :-/

Which of the 4 would you get on with the best?


Lads holiday essential:

a book maybe? to wile away the hours between drinking
a car.
some snazzy outfits for clubbing

You see a group of hot girls in a bar:Best way to get thier attention?

strike up a conversation
get very drunk then offer to buy them drinks too
ask them for a dance

How would you 'pull' her?

'feisty one you are'...*wink*
take your pants off when shes not looking
take her for a ice cream & offer her some of your 'cornetto' ;-)
show her your dance moves

The day before a important exam you'd:

stay up all night & day studying,fuelled by energy drinks
be with your crush helping HER to revise
be on the internet...er researching ;-)
playing computer games

best quote:

'friend' ^_^
bus w***ers!
how much lego can you stuff up your bum?

who is the fittest girl?

alison (movie) or charlotte hinchcliffe (series)
lucy (movie) or carli d'amato (movie & series)
jane (movie) or chloe (series)
lisa (movie) or wills mum (series)

On the holiday you're most likely to....?

have a few too many tequilas...
strip off in a public place
wake up in a strange place
bring a random woman back to the hotel