What dbz charector r u ?

What dbz charector r u ?

lol lol lol ROLF you will love this in every posssibly way kidigjeijeroigjerogijegoerijgeoigjerogijergoeijg

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Some one steal your car and u see them at the store.

blow him the fck up !!!!
Wanna go to spaceys space food and die mate ??
um exuse me did you steal my car ?

You here a gun stot in the woods

hmmmm mabey its just an car mate.
lets go fight them
im gonna go blow it up.

You are ging to fight majin buu. but u are hungery what do u say

um im hunger buu sir
i will kill u if i cant go eat right now

You have all seven dragon ballz. what do u wish forr

to beat anyone without diying
a new skin color

You have just met super kami guru. He says that dendie will help u . you fall and he help u up what do u say

Thanks mate
I could have gottan up on my own
um thanks. *blow up dendie*
y did u help kirrilen too ??