Running from trouble part 9

Running from trouble part 9

yay almost on part nine. I am really bored and I'm going to a dance soon so I gotta pick out my dress. :)

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I screamed into the air as Sapphire ran into me.

Hi again.
She's back
*singing firework*. (Alexis: Joins you)
*with A4 and Alexis*.

"Alexis I just saw Eggman taking the guys and-" She cut off looking at me. You turned me around to face you and my eyes were gray. "Alexis are you alright?" You asked. "Her eyes turn silver when she gets really mad since her eyes are red," Sapphire explained.

Are getting them back? (Alexis&Sapphire: Duh)
Does Shadow do that? (Alexis: No)
Are they going to get their memories back? (Alexis: Yep)
Don't worry we'll kick Eggman's butt for you guys.
Well get you back.

"Let's go after them," You said. Sapphire and I nodded and we all ran towards Eggman's base. *With the guys*

So now were with the guys?
I guess

"Why did you take us?" Sonic asked. "Who are you?" Knuckles asked. "You don't know who I am?" They all shake their heads. "I was saving you from those girl," Eggman said. "They don't look dangerous." "Alexis was taken away from me, and I need you guys to get her back." "Why?" Shadow asked. "She's very important you all work for me but ___ took you and Alexis away." After that Eggman started training them.

No Sonic do something! DX
Poor Shadow.... :(
We didn't take them.
This can't be.

*after the guys are done training and get to know their powers*. "Nicely done everyone now I need you all to get Alexis and ____." They all nodded and stared at a picture of you and me. *back with us*.

He has a pic of us?
That's a little stalkerish.
I agree.
0_o? He's weird

Sapphire and I placed dynamite near Eggman's ship. "Ready?" Sapphire asked. We both nodded and the three of us pushed the button. The base blew up and all the guys came out. "Your alright," Sapphire and I said hugging all of them again. "Hi Alexis and-" Sonic said motioning towards Sapphire. "Sapphire, did you guys get your memories back?" She asked. "Yeah we remember everything," Shadow said. "Great let's go back home, Sapphire why don't you stay at our house for a bit?" I asked. "Sure," Sapphire replied smiling.

Sonic's back!
Yay sleep over! (Alexis: How did you know?)

We all went back to the house and headed to bed. See yall later bye. ;)

Later gator
Aligator!! XD