does he love u?

does he love u?

why does he leave you? why doesnt he kiss you ? find out here and now!!

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Does he leave you?

yes, he always comes back and then takes a nap
no, he stay with me a lot

do you see him around other girls?

yeah, than he gives me the eye
no,he talk to freinds wich are girls, but doesnt flirt

does he kiss you alot?

yes, beause he love me A LOT
no, he kiss the headcheer leader more

Does he sleep with you?

yeah, but after i am asleep he goes to the couch
no, he always stays somwhere else

does he flirt with other girls?

yes, it makes me relly mad!!!
no, he stays with me and if a girl asks him out he says no!!
3 yeses soory not working 3 nos you go girl