What role do you play in a wolf pack

find out if you would be an alpha, beta, or an omega in a wolf pack today

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you see a sick wolf what do you do?

Bring it back to your pack and let the healer heal him/her
Tell the alpha
Watch the wolf closely
Heal it right there

a strange wolf walked into your territory.. what do you do

Warn the wolf to leave or consequences will come
ask the wolf why is she/he here?
Keep your head down and quickly tell the alpha
ask him/her if they need any help
you don't know about it because your back at the pack with the alpha
Trap the wolf in a ring of fire and try to get it to tell you why he/she is there

The alpha is gone what do you do

I m the one who is gone so nothing
Become the next to be alpha until he/she returns
Do nothing about it but you are concerned
you aren't sure because you are too busy healing other wolves
Guard the healer and the current alpha, or you are with the alpha
Protect the pack with elements

Which one do you want to be?


Let fate decided


which best describes you

a natural born leader
more of a follower
you like to read and you like to be alone in your room all day
you don't like things to be in pain
you like to protect things
you are into nature and love elements like earth wind fire and water

Would you like a mate?

Yes, I would
I'm not sure
too busy healing the sick and the injured
too busy guarding
I would rather be alone

You have been fighting with another pack for awhile what would you do?

try to end the fighting for the sake of your pack
convince the alpha to continue fighting so you can become alpha if they die
whatever the alpha wants to do
I help the wounded
its not my place to say anything or do anything about it
yell "yea!!!!" and kill people